December 01,2022

Liposuction is one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures in the country and still growing as new technology emerges making the procedure more convenient and desirable. The decision to have liposuction is a very personal one. When diet and exercise fail to produce the body you’ve always dreamed of, many seek the help of a professional.

When considering liposuction, a big concern for many is the cost of the procedure. While it may be tempting to search for a cheap deal, that deal could leave you with poor results and could even possibly put your health or life at risk. It’s important to understand the differences that can increase the cost and improve results. 

When it comes to minimally invasive procedures it’s difficult to determine a fixed price. The price range is due to differences that vary from patient-to-patient. These factors include your unique body goals, biological makeup, the areas being treated, and more. 

Generally you can expect to pay somewhere between $3,500-$12,000 depending on your options. Keep in mind that opting for non-surgical alternatives may not end up being cheaper. Liposuction reveals instant results in just one session. Most non-surgical fat reduction options require more than just one treatment and may wind up being more costly. 

Your Dream Body Goals

All bodies are not created equal. Your unique body shape and skin’s elasticity vary for each individual. Cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and other forms of fat removal are almost never the same. Therefore, the difference between body goals and starting point (BMI) determines the procedure and the manner it would be performed. For example, a patient seeking a cinched waistline eliminating a large belly and love handles would likely pay more than a patient looking to slightly decrease bra fat.

Number of Areas Being Treated

Another pricing factor for LunchTime Lipo is the specific areas being treated and how many areas need to be treated in order to achieve the desired goals of the patient. There are also add-on and post-care services that can be combined to define, refine and perfect the treated areas.

The amount of fat that is removed in addition to the number of areas being treated as previously explained will determine the final cost of your LunchTime Lipo procedure. Typically, there is a discount applied when multiple services are combined.

Pricing Factors

In general, the following are pricing factors when it comes to a LunchTime Lipo procedure:

  • Individuals unique goals
  • Number of areas being treated
  • Particular areas being treated
  • Provider costs

We recommend doing the proper research, visiting the practice for an in-person consult and meeting the staff. It’s wise to weigh your options before choosing where to have your procedure performed. At LunchTime Lipo we offer both in-person and virtual FREE consultations to visit our facility and discuss your dream body goals with our experienced staff.

Will insurance pay for LunchTime Lipo?

LunchTime Lipo is an elective cosmetic treatment that’s not considered medically necessary, therefore, health insurance coverage is not approved.

Financing Available

Financing options are available to help make your dream body a reality. We work with multiple lending companies that specialize in patient-related financing, to make cosmetic procedures like LunchTime Lipo more affordable. Convenient monthly payments are a great solution. Ask your provider for details.

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