Amazing Results with Beautifill & Renuvion

Lunchtime Lipo is a short-cut to treat those trouble areas of stubborn fat that can be resistant to exercise and dieting. This superior fat reduction technique combined with liposuction and tissue toning delivers incredible results with minimal downtime.

Beautifill, an FDA approved device that removes excess fat from the body utilizing a proprietary laser. This form of liposuction is typically pain-free, removes excess fat from the body optimizing the process and post operative recovery time.

Renuvion, a transforming treatment, helps to contour the body revealing a revamped figure in less time than traditional liposuction.


Autologous Fat Removal Technology

A non-surgical Liposuction utilizing safe laser technology that’s clinically proven to gently remove live fat cells from areas you don’t want it with reduced downtime and side effects.


Cosmetic Transforming Technology

Renuvion is a minimally-invasive, FDA- approved cosmetic treatment that tightens and firms loose skin. This procedure can be utilized on its own to provide anti-aging benefits or in combination with Liposuction.

Beautifill & Renuvion

how they work together

Fat removal from Liposuction can leave skin loose, hanging and sagging. The combination of Beautifill and Renuvion transforms into a thinner, smoother, firmer more fabulous you!